The Art of Joseph Franké

Welcome! We’re a page dedicated to making the artwork of Joseph Franké available for everyone to see! Please start by reading our mission statement.

Primarily this is a place for looking at artwork. You can do that by following the links below or, if you want to see what we’re putting out in the order we’re putting it out, check out or bookmark our “latest” page.

Our task here will involve finding as much of Franké’s work as possible. That’s going to involve a lot of work; even for an artist whose career only spanned about 15 years. We have some scans on hand and there’s a decent amount of his art available on Archive.Org but there’s a lot more to find. We’ll be seeking out old publications, scanning items, and taking photos. What we find will eventually be on display here.

We’ll also compile as complete a list as possible of all of Franké’s published works.

Artwork by Story:

Comrades of ChaosThe Flesh-Pots of EgyptKay’s Encounter
The Thin ManWhen Worlds Collide

Artwork by Book:

Story Time Reading 4th Year

Advertising Artwork:

Mind, Inc.

Miscellaneous Artwork: