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  • Gerard, Louise, A Son of the Sahara ©1922 by the Macaulay Company
  • Greenberg, Jacob, First French Book ©1922, 1923 by Charles E. Merrill Co.
  • Kummer, Frederic Arnold, Plaster Saints, ©1922 by The Macaulay Co.
  • McGill, Beatrice Shaw, Pas À Pas – A French Reader for Beginners, ©1922 by Charles E. Merrill Co.
  • Wilkins, Lawrence A., Beginners’ Spanish Reader with Exercises, ©1921 Henry Holt & Co.
  • Six Redbook Novels

Magazine Work

The American Girl

DateStory Illustrated ImagesPart
Jan 1921The Flesh-Pots of Egypt by Josephine Daskam Bacon21 of 2
Feb 1921The Flesh-Pots of Egypt22 of 2
Apr 1921Kay’s Encounter by Jane Abbott1Complete
May 1921A Singer’s Story by Josephine Daskam Bacon2Complete
Jul 1921The Camp at Gravel Point by Clara Ingram Judson1 of 6
Aug 1921The Camp at Gravel Point2 of 6
Sep 1921The Camp at Gravel Point3 of 6
Oct 1921The Camp at Gravel Point4 of 6
Nov 1921The Camp at Gravel Point5 of 6
Dec 1921The Camp at Gravel Point6 of 6
Jan 1922A Blue Caterpillar with Wings by Margaret Tod Ritter1 of 2
Feb 1922A Blue Caterpillar with Wings2 of 2
Mar 1922An Amber Fairy Godmother by Rebecca Traill HodgesComplete
Apr 1922Louisa of the Millions by Maud Wilcox NiedermeyerComplete
May 1922The Merry Spinsters by Elizabeth L. CarletonComplete
Jun 1922The John Gilpin Twins by Rebecca Traill HodgesComplete
Jul 1922The Surprised Party by Eliza CarletonComplete
Aug 1922Captain Silvia by Marion Ames Taggart1 of 8
Sep 1922Captain Silvia2 of 8
Oct 1922Captain Silvia3 of 8
Nov 1922Captain Silvia4 of 8
Jan 1923Captain Silvia5 of 8
Feb 1923Captain Silvia6 of 8
Mar 1923Captain Silvia7 of 8
Apr 1923Joyce, Gerry and Nicko by May Wynne1 of 5
Captain Silvia8 of 8
May 1923Joyce, Gerry and Nicko2 of 5
Jun 1923Rastus: CitizenComplete
Joyce, Gerry and Nicko3 of 5
Jul 1923Grasshopper — Fat by James Parker LongComplete
Joyce, Gerry and Nicko (no new art)4 of 5
Aug 1923Night Crawlers by James Parker LongComplete
Joyce, Gerry and Nicko (no new art)5 of 5
Sep 1923Hidden Treasure by Katharine Haviland Taylor1Complete

Blue Book Magazine

DateStory Illustrated Part
Nov 1931The Phantom President by George Worts1 of 6
Ad for Masters of Oriental Mystery
Dec 1931The Phantom President2 of 6
Jan 1932The Phantom President3 of 6
Feb 1932The Phantom President4 of 6
Mar 1932Comrades of Chaos by S. Andrew Wood1 of 5
The Phantom President5 of 6
Apr 1932Comrades of Chaos2 of 5
The Phantom President6 of 6
May 1932Comrades of Chaos3 of 5
Jun 1932Comrades of Chaos4 of 5
Jul 1932Comrades of Chaos5 of 5
Sep 1932When Worlds Collide by Edwin Balmer and Phillip Wylie 1 of 6
Oct 1932When Worlds Collide2 of 6
Nov 1932When Worlds Collide3 of 6
Dec 1932When Worlds Collide4 of 6
Jan 1933When Worlds Collide5 of 6
Feb 1933When Worlds Collide6 of 6
Apr 1933Red Terror by S. Andrew Wood1 of 4
May 1933The Flaming Sword by Beatrice Grimshaw1 of 1
Red Terror2 of 4
Jun 1933There’s Murder in the Air by Roy Chanselor1 of 5
Red Terror3 of 4
Jul 1933There’s Murder in the Air2 of 5
Red Terror4 of 4
Aug 1933There’s Murder in the Air3 of 5
Sep 1933There’s Murder in the Air4 of 5
Oct 1933There’s Murder in the Air5 of 5
Nov 1933After Worlds Collide by Edwin Balmer and Phillip Wylie1 of 6
Dec 1933After Worlds Collide2 of 6
Jan 1934After Worlds Collide3 of 6
Feb 1934After Worlds Collide4 of 6
Mar 1934After Worlds Collide (part 6 was illustrated by Robert Fink)5 of 6

Red Book Magazine

DateStory Illustrated Part
Dec 1933The Thin Man by Dashiell HammettComplete
More to come