When Worlds Collide, Part 1 of 6

Here are the illustrations from the first part of When Worlds Collide by Phillip Wylie and Edwin Balmer as published in Blue Book Magazine, September 1932.

Immense gratitude is owed to Archive.org which is an extensive online library with a virtual treasure trove of content. This website wouldn’t be nearly as robust without it. For example, I had not seen any of the art in this issue before it was finally published on that site. I first wrote about Archive.org here.

Blue Book was enthusiastic about When Worlds Collide, saying this in their introductory editorial.

In this issue, for example, appears one of the most remarkable novels any magazine has printed in years—“When Worlds Collide,” the collaboration of two of America’s best writers: Edwin Balmer, who wrote “Dangerous Business” and “That Royle Girl;” and Philip Wylie, author of “The Wild Wallaces.” You have a real novelty awaiting you on Page 6 of this issue.

The Editor of Blue Book

In that editorial, they also talked about changing the format of the magazine so that they could reduce the price in response to the Great Depression.

If you’d like to see the illustrations in context, and read the story for that matter, follow this link.

Blue Book Magazine, September 1932

And without further ado, here are the illustrations.

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