Comrades of Chaos, Part 1 of 5

Comrades of Chaos by J. Andrew Wood was published in Blue Book Magazine, March 1932.

The author fancies himself an expert on Soviet Russia and maybe he was. In a letter published in the same issue he said the following.

It is certain that, about Russia, the truths of today are not the truths of tomorrow. If you ask me if the Five-Year Plan is to succeed, I answer, “I don’t know.” … They have reached about the sixteenth century in the calendar of civilization, except for the airplanes and things they play about with. And, at their head are a number of white-hot enthusiasts whose ideas project, perhaps, a century ahead of now. Add to that a police system (inherited and hotted-up from the old Czarist days) of which Torquemada might have been proud to be the head – and something worth writing a story about is bound to happen.

J. Andrew Wood

It’s not clear if this novel was ever published in book form, but it is clear that it had some wonderful illustrations.

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