When Worlds Collide, Part 6 of 6

The final installment of When Worlds Collide by Phillip Wylie and Edwin Balmer ran in the January 1933 issue of Blue Book Magazine.

The Editor’s introductory column does not appear in this issue so there is no advance praise for the novel this time, but there are a lot more illustrations for this final installment, 12 in all. That matches the number of illustrations in the opening installment but when you consider the relative sizes of the pictures this is the most heavily illustrated section of the novel. A number of the illustrations are combined into stunning two-page or three-column spreads.

The layout of the initial two pages is interesting in that it not only evokes an upward journey away from the earth, foreshadowing the trip to Bronson Beta, but it uses the placement of the images to emphasize that motion. It also drives home the notion of a Space Ark.

The sweeping upward motion of the opening images is echoed here as the ship departs Earth. As earthbound creatures inhabit the lower-left portion of that previous image, the ultimate destination of Bronson Beta is featured in the upper-right here alongside its primary Bronson Alpha.

In one of the most dramatic images from the novel, travelers in the rocket ship look on as Bronson Alpha collides with Earth, destroying both.

The culminating image is reminiscent of Apollo 11 as Tony descends from the ship to become the first human on Bronson Beta.

Dawn breaks over a new world in the final image as a metaphorical Adam and Eve look on.

There’s no preview of course, but After Worlds Collide starts in just nine months!

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